Full Sail University

Full Sail Armada

A Community of Competitive Gamers

Armada is Full Sail University’s collegiate esports organization. With the support and involvement of Full Sail University students, faculty, staff, and graduates, Full Sail Armada teams compete across a variety of games throughout the year, including Overwatch, League of Legends, Hearthstone, and more. We host tournaments, friendly get-togethers, and travel for competitive play – all with the mission of bringing competitive gamers together.

To learn more about our players, games we play, upcoming events, and our esports arena, The Fortress, visit armada.fullsail.edu.

The Fortress

Our arena is taking collegiate esports to a whole new level.

The Fortress is the home of Full Sail’s collegiate esports team, Armada, and serves as its premiere esports arena. Designed to provide the best esports experience for both competitor and viewer alike, The Fortress combines the latest technology with versatility – with 11,200 square feet, allowing for 100 esports athletes to play simultaneously and over 500 spectators to view the action live.

Fortress Esports Arena