We’re Different

If you're serious about your dream, we'll take your dream seriously.

Full Sail University offers an educational experience unlike any other.

Our philosophy centers on recognizing the value in creative thinking and the importance of hands-on experience. We put this into action with an approach that emphasizes problem-solving, learning by doing, and empowering our students to generate their own concepts and ideas.

We give our students the freedom to explore creativity in a way that isn’t constrained. We have a freedom here to allow an immersive experience which drives their opportunity to express themselves.”
—Anne Russell, Program Director of Film Production MFA
We’re Different
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When our students put together ideas and strategies, they’ll interact with different programs… Once you connect those dots, everyone finds inspiration from each others’ craft – just like in the real world.”
—Israel Vasquetelle, Department Chair for Music Business

Love what you do? You’ll fit right in here.

Being proudly passionate about something can make you feel like an anomaly, but this is a community of people who are just as dedicated as you are. Whether you’re working on a project with classmates, contributing your talents to a production team, or bouncing ideas around with your instructor, you’ll be building meaningful connections that can continue beyond graduation.

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Build knowledge by building experience.

Every part of your degree program is designed to look, feel, and function like your industry – from your workspaces, to your projects, to your schedule.

How do we stay connected? Through Program Advisory Committees: active professionals that regularly work with us to keep our degrees relevant. Educators who continue to create and contribute to their fields. And an emphasis on portfolio projects that prove your experience to future employers.

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We provide context for students and give them perspective. We're an academic institution, but we also understand that the creative industries require something that's not always taught in books or captured on tests.”
—Brandon Egerton, Program Director of Recording Arts Undergraduate Degree Program
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In nautical terms, “full sail” means you are positioned in the best possible way to move forward at optimum speed.
And that’s how we view education. It’s directing your passion at your career goal in a focused, accelerated way.

Our degree programs are offered at a faster pace than traditional schools, so that students adapt to the 24/7 nature of their industries.

A bachelor’s degree can take 20 months instead of four years. You’re learning more in a shorter period of time, and starting out on your professional path earlier.

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My students never accept “no.” They get told no, but they find ways around it. You see it in their eyes – they are still not willing to accept anything that isn’t what their goal is. At Full Sail we encourage that train of thought.”
—Katie Ross, Associate Course Director, Creative Presentation

It’s amazing how technological advances give us new pathways to learn and create.

Since the beginning, we’ve always emphasized the importance of learning in professional environments, using relevant creative tools and software. Be sure to check your potential degree program’s online information to get a listing of software and technology included in your LaunchBox.

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Full Sail's relationships in the world of entertainment and media have led to unique hands-on, experience-building opportunities for students. For example, WWE brings its live NXT events to the Full Sail Live Venue, giving students opportunities to assist behind the scenes.

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From Oscar and GRAMMY winners to animators and entrepreneurs, our Hall of Fame inductees have made notable contributions to their industries and to the overall Full Sail community. In honor of Full Sail graduates, we host an annual, week-long celebration complete with live events, educational panels, and more.

Vans Warped Tour

Now in its 22nd year, the Vans Warped Tour is the largest traveling and longest-running music festival in the United States, featuring bands like Falling In Reverse, Sleeping With Sirens, and Set It Off. Since 2012, Full Sail's relationship with the Vans Warped Tour has led to numerous internship opportunities, and in early 2016, the Vans Warped Tour lineup was revealed during a live webcast from Full Sail University’s campus.

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Every Full Sail student receives a MacBook Pro*, along with professional software and tools through Project LaunchBox. Your computer is your personal studio and prepares you for the technological challenges of your industry.

Plus, both campus and online students use our customized learning system. It’s designed from the ground up to accommodate Full Sail’s unique educational model and multimedia projects.

*LaunchBox packages for some on-campus technology degrees include an HP workstation instead of a Mac. Check your individual program for specific information.
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Along your academic journey, you’ll have access to a support team to assist with any challenges along the way, from academic advising to a dedicated student support center.

Full Sail University graduates are located all over the world. We hold networking events throughout the U.S. and beyond, and provide resources for alumni to stay in touch and share professional insights.

From career guidance by advisors that are dedicated to specific industries, to an outreach team that brings in companies for events and recruitment, our Career Development department stays tuned in to relevant trends and hiring needs. They’re here for you at every stage of your career, whether you’re an intern or an industry veteran.

Whether you’re learning online or on campus, you’ll become part of a network of individuals who share your passion. It extends beyond graduation, through an active group of alumni, plus career development support that’s available throughout your professional life.
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Our Grads

For more than 35 years, our graduates have made a significant impact in entertainment, art, and technology. Our Hall of Fame celebrates them in a week of education and appreciation.

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Here are just some of the artists, companies, and projects that have seen the contributions of Full Sail alumni.

Bunim/Murray Blizzard Entertainment Cirque du Soleil CNN Disney DreamWorks ESPN HBO Studios Hit Factory Studio Industrial Light & Magic Miramax MTV NFL Films Nickelodeon Pixar Rockstar Games Universal Studios WWE